Aledo Reads

Owen Brentlinger, Marketing Editor

Aledo Reads has almost everyone reading in their PJs.  The day was invented to stop working and pick up a book.  Students love this break day, and just like to relax or get their other work done. But that’s not the most exciting thing about this day. Kids love to dress up or just wear something that feels good.  Various students can be found taking it to the max.  Favorite books were hand-selected by every student to enjoy their day to the best.

Most people are in their pajamas, because they were reading a book as a class. Aledo Reads helps kids be reminded that you should always read.  “It was very relaxing that we didn’t have to do any work” 6th grader Justin Crabtree said.  The proud people of Aledo have been celebrating the in-town holiday scene since 2008 and they aren’t stopping any time soon. Kids often find another thing such as clubs, athletics, and hanging out with friends to occupy time instead of reading.  Out of a poll of favorite book types, 40% of people picked fantasy,  40% of people pick historical fiction, but only 20% of people picked realistic fiction.  Even though this event only happens once a day, it can encourage kids to admire knowledge.