HF Stevens gets shattered by Bearcats

Christian Carver, Editor-In-Chief

HF Stevens knew it was over when MMS had double digits before they even got a point.  41-7, 37-13, 35-20, 37-19, these weren’t ‘close’ victories, they were landslides.  MMS pulled off crazy shots, like the half-court halftime shot from 7th Grade A team player Sky Bradford. 

“The game was really exciting for everyone playing, knowing we were winning,” Bradford said. They had crushed HF Stevens and were excited in the court.

8th grade also did good, with a 37-19 victory and a 35-20 victory.  They had one other loss but were sadly defeated 43-59.  McAnally 

Middle School now has 10 wins total, and hopefully will go to 22 next week!

“It felt new and exciting because we got to experience beating HF Stevens,” 7th Grade Kevin Nava said.

After a good week like this one, we all hope to continue the luck into the next week.