Athletic Offseason food drive ends in 100+ donations

Christian Carver, Editor-In-Chief

Over the past week and ½, the Athletic Offseason for Bearcats has been working hard collecting their share of food and supplies to donate to the Local Christian Ministry and Food Banks around Aledo.  Through daily reminders, the bearcats raised over 100 donations to give to the less fortunate in times of need.  

“It’s just our way of showing servant leadership and giving back to our local people,” Coach Garvin said.  

Along with helping the less fortunate, Offseason helps kids get strong enough for their next sport while waiting.  As the students gets stronger in offseason, they also get stronger in the community and become an even better person.

“It teaches responsibility at the same time,” Garvin said. The Athletic coaches have been persistent and continue to build their student’s agility, devotion, and integrity.