MLK Statue Built, This is What Students Think

Christian Carver, Editor-In-Chief

A new historical statue was built in Boston on January 13, honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.  The statue titled “The Embrace” is a model of MLK hugging Coretta Scott King.  In Aledo ISD, students celebrated by having a day off and recognizing the monumental free-speech speaker.

“MLK was an import figure,” 7th grader Graham Pokorny said.  “He helped the world.”

“The Embrace” is based on the hug shared between MLK and his wife after winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.  As well as being an important figure, MLK also fought for many different things. 

“It makes me happy that people like the MLK statue because he gave freedom to all,” 7th grader Rylan Bedford said.  

“I would describe him as a historical figure.”

MLK’s Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 was given to him because of his nonviolent campaign against racism.  Sadly, he died 4 years after the award.

“He was someone who helped over time,” 7th grader Graham Pokorny said.