Payton Moore and Avery Jeter

Walking in the hallways, students might see Lululemon, slides, and Crocs. The Lululemon you might notice is skirts and leggings in bright colors. The Crocs have jibits and the slides are worn with socks. The trends that are popular include Lululemon, slides, and Crocs. 


“The trendiest thing I own is a Lululemon belt bag.” 7th grader Tula Reddy said, “ I like them because all the trends we have are modern styles.”


 “The trends are ridiculous. I don’t think everyone should be wearing athletic workout clothes all the time, they look goofy.” 7th grader Audrey Thul said.


“One thing I wish was a trend is being nice and kind to others. That should definitely be a trend.” Tula said. 


“Crocs are super cool and they feel nice, I like them a lot.” 7th grader Cooper Lee said.


“I guess lululemon is a trend for girls, pretty much everyone wears it.” 7th grader Cooper Lee said.